About GimLor

What about GimLor? Who are we? Where are we from? GimLor is a business run by brother and sister from The Netherlands. The official launch of our company and webshop was in the summer of 2017. We started GimLor as a reaction to the lack of customization possibilities when it came to trading card gaming gear and most of all playmats. GimLor is a way that enables you, the customer, to play with stuff you designed and 100% like. With GimLor we want to give you the opportunity to customize the way you play your game.

You want a picture of your dog on your playmat? We can do that!
You want to show everyone that cool drawing you made last night? We will make you a playmat that has that one on it!
You found some awesome art and want that on your playmat? As long as you have permission from the creator, we can do that!

We want your opinion on GimLor!

Thank you for being on our site and  taking the time to read this. We hope you enjoy the site and even more; enjoy our products. Please let us know if there is anything you still miss on here. We would love to hear from you what you need for your best gaming experience. We are gamers ourselves and we really value your feedback and remarks. They give us the opportunity to better our products and provide you with the best possible experience and gear possible. If you have ideas for new products or if you are missing something crucial you can contact us via facebook, twitter or Contact.

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